Pet Food Delivery

Your favorite pet foods. Delivered to your door. Free Delivery.

Free Delivery of dog food in Seattle? Free Delivery of cat food? Welcome to Smiley Dog!

You can enjoy this dependable service if you live between Everett and Tukwila, on the west side of Lake Washington. Parts of Kirkland, Bellevue and Bothell now also enjoy dependable, free pet food delivery as well.

You do not need to be at home when delivery is made. Have your favorite, healthy dog foods, cat foods, kitty litter and more delivered to your home or office with no additional charge for the convenience.

I just wanted to say thank you for always being so reliable and dependable and getting our order right. You make feeding my animals so easy for me, I feel guilty and lazy almost. Plus, every time I have a question, you take the time to answer it and help with everything. —Michelle G, Everett

Am I in your service area?

Well, let’s just find out, shall we? Is your delivery address is on the service area map below? You’re in!

Smiley Dog service area map

Update April 2014:
Welcome to our furry friends in Bellevue!

Can’t quite tell from the map if you can enjoy the service? Give us a call, zip over an email or just enter your zip code in the nifty lookup tool below to find out.

You can also see a list of cities and zip codes served by clicking HERE.

I’ve been very impressed with how quick you are to respond to every email, how prompt you are with delivery, the quality of products and the attention to detail like the packaging when delivering frozen items.” —Sherice M, Lynnwood

When will my order be delivered?

If you’re in our Standard area (shown in Yellow on the map above), in-stock orders will be delivered within 72 hours (excluding weekends).

If you reside or work within our Expanded area (shown in Orange on the map above), in-stock orders, and some special request orders, will be delivered within one week. The Expanded area now includes parts of Kirkland and Bellevue. You’ll be told what day to expect delivery before your order is confirmed.

Most special request items are available for delivery within 1-2 weeks. You receive a price quote and proposed delivery day when you contact us with a special order request.

What’s a special request order?

Special requests are items that currently are not immediately available for delivery. Most special request items can arrive at your door within 1-2 weeks, often less.

When you inquire about a special request item, you’ll be told how quickly it can be at your door. If that timing is acceptable, we can proceed with the order. Your special request items can easily added to our weekly supplier deliveries.

I especially like your willingness to order new products that I need. You have just about made shopping for my dogs a one-stop process. I no longer have to go to lots of stores to find the variety I like.” —Leslie S, Shoreline

I don’t see what I want on your website. Is that a special request?

Just because you don’t see your favorite food listed on the website, doesn’t mean it is not in stock. The items you see on the website are what more than a few clients use regularly. This ensures that any website orders can be easily filled.

Much of the Smiley Dog warehouse is filled with special request items for just one or two special clients. These items do not get listed on the website to ensure they’re available for those clients. Once you decide to begin delivery, your special request items can become part of this regular inventory as well.

It sounds pretty complicated

Not at all! The process is super-simple from the time you contact us with a question or order to the time your goodies appear at your door.

The most time-consuming part of the process comes with your first order. We might have to spend a whole 3 minutes getting your name, delivery address and payment info into “the system” before you officially become part of the family!

What a delight to arrive home and see our order so neatly stacked at the front door. Thank you so much for the wonderful service you provide us! The convenience is such a blessing to us.  Your service is terrific! Thanks so much for everything you do to make our lives easier.” —Beth P, Seattle

Once you’ve become part of the family, ordering couldn’t be easier

You’re welcome to place orders in whatever way is most convenient to you:

Order by phone:
  • Simply call (206) 903-9631 at your convenience, 24 hours a day.
  • Let us know who you are, what you’d like, or ask a question.
  • You’ll receive a return call promptly between 10am-7pm to confirm your order or answer questions.
Order by email
  • Send an email asking questions or to place an order.
  • You’ll receive a reply before the end of the business day, usually within an hour or two.
  • If you’ve emailed an order request, you’ll receive confirmation and be told when you can expect delivery.
Order through the website
  • Set up an account at the online shop
  • Poke around the shop and add goodies to your cart.
  • Checkout when ready.
  • You’ll immediately receive an automated confirmation of your order.
  • You’ll then receive a personalized confirmation which includes when you can expect delivery.
  • Once you’ve set up an account, your delivery and payment info is saved so you do not have to re-enter it.

What payment methods are accepted?

What payment method would you prefer? Cash, checks (as long as they don’t bounce), debit, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express are all accepted.

If paying with plastic, you are never charged until the day of delivery. Your payment info can be kept on file so future orders are as quick as a call or email away.

We don’t recommend leaving cash outside for pickup if you will not be home when delivery is made. Checks can be left under a doormat or taped to your door.

Those other pet stores can’t touch your personal service- like Nordstrom!” —Tom S, Seattle

How do your prices compare with other shops?

Glad you asked. In some cases  you may pay a bit less, and in others a bit more. Remember that you’re getting more than just a bag of food when you have your orders delivered. Your time is likely worth far more than any minimal cost difference.

Your peace of mind comes from knowing orders will show up on time as promised. You can also rest assured that your purchase does not end when delivery is made. You receive immediate notification in the unlikely event of any recall or manufacturing updates.

You can be confident that any questions or concerns will be addressed with the personalized care expected from a local company. While automated services can be convenient, digging around to find a human able to respond to questions or problems can be extraordinarily frustrating. The owner of Smiley Dog is personally involved and available to you each and every day.

Yes, customer service is a priority for Smiley Dog. What a treat to speak to a real person and what a relief to know that when they say they will do something, they do!! Even make special deliveries for me when I forget to order dog food!!” —Donna D, Edmonds

What does it cost?

Well, delivery is… free. It’s worth far more than that, but you don’t have to pay for it!

There is a $15 minimum for delivery. With today’s prices, unless you’re just ordering a small bag of treats, you’ll have no trouble meeting that minimum.

Full disclosure: a few years back when fuel topped $4/ gallon, we added a temporary $0.75 fuel surcharge for each delivery. That disappeared in less than 3 months, never to return. So yes, delivery is Free.

Recently, I had a visit from some German friends. They are always quick to point out what’s wrong with the US and the way we do things. There were two things that completely impressed them though–one is REI and the other is your delivery service of pet food.”  —Claudia D, Seattle

What do I need to get started?

You’ve got just a few decisions to make as you place your first order. Once you’ve established that Smiley Dog comes to your door, it’s time to ensure your favorite foods are available. A quick call or email takes care of that.

You’ll get added to “the system” so you won’t have to repeat any information when placing future orders. A reorder can be as simple as “the usual” if nothing has changed.

You have a choice of regular delivery or “Auto-Delivery”

Both offer the same dependable delivery, convenience and peace of mind. You may prefer to begin with regular delivery simply to try the service and confirm it’s a good fit. Regularl delivery simply means you contact us each time you’d like an order delivered.

Your order can be placed by phone, email or through the website, whichever you find most convenient. Orders will be confirmed by the same method they are placed.

If you call in an order, you can expect a prompt return call to confirm the order. Email and website orders are confirmed before the end of the day, often within 60 minutes or less. Your confirmation call or email will let you know when you can expect your order to appear at the door. All order confirmations are made by live human beings.

From start to finish, your order is handled by Smiley Dog and is not passed off to other companies for processing, fulfillment or delivery.

I love using Smiley Dog for our pet food and supplies. Not only are we supporting a local company, but you make it so easy for us! You are always so quick to respond to our email orders and to answer our questions. I love that I can even order prescription food, which saves me a trip to the vet! Plus the prices are very competitive. Lastly, how can you beat free delivery??” —Shannon N, Bothell

Auto-Delivery allows you to “set it and forget it”

Auto-delivery is the choice of many pet parents because of the freedom and flexibility it offers.

A schedule is prepared based on your current needs, and you receive a printed calendar showing when deliveries will arrive through the remainder of the year. You’re free to adjust or cancel the schedule at any time. No contracts or long-term commitment required.

Auto-Delivery also offers you price protection from manufacturers increases, and is backed by the Smiley Dog Golden Rule Guarantee. It is simply the easiest way to get your favorite pet foods to the door.

Learn more about Auto-Delivery and its benefits here. 

Whichever type of delivery you choose to enjoy, you’ll receive the best care possible when filling orders or responding to questions. Contact Smiley Dog today to see how it can best serve your needs. You’ll be glad you did!

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